The industry is changing ……. It wouldn’t be a normal day if newsletters, tweets, and the media didn’t overflow with headlines on the latest Millennial trend and how to “harness” their alleged powers. Who are these Millennials? They are changing trends and affecting stores, both large chains and small boutiques alike within the jewellery industry. Undoubtedly, today there is a greater focus on custom designs and products that may be less classic and traditional. They are more accustomed to something that matches their individual tastes and lifestyles. We think the three biggest factors impacting fine jewellery industry are 1)new shopper generations, 2) new shopping technologies, and 3) shifting societal norms. The new digitally-native shopper generations are equipped with information and alternatives when they get to the store. They may want something custom, made from ethically sourced materials, and they take more of an interest in how and where their piece was crafted. Retailers really have an opportunity to identify with these customers and get a true understanding of what’s important to them. I think millennials and other young shopper generations want what every jewellery customer wants – an amazing, and memorable experience without having to compromise their values and standards. Shoppers are leading a new kind of retail revolution, and it’s up to jewellers to keep up with the pace. So if you want to see who is crafting your jewellery and where its made,know that the diamonds used comply with the United Nations Resolutions and Kimberley Process Certification Scheme,you also have the option of Fair Trade gold then why not contact us; or visit our Hatton Garden store and workshop.