Push presents – jewellery given to a woman after giving birth – are big news in the US and it is starting to hit the UK. With birth rates going up and marriage rates declining, bringing new life into the world is a huge milestone in any woman’s life. and like all special moments it brings with it a potential for a gift of jewellery.
Jewellers in the States, have been cashing in on this sales opportunity for several years. The term push presents has been in general circulation across the pond since at least 2006, and it is providing an additional niche for jewellers there to attract and retain repeat customers.
The wording push present might make some of us recoil slightly as we realise that the jewellery brands are not talking about pushing a pram but the physical act of child birth, but as a concept it has huge potential.
Giving jewellery for babies has been a tradition in some cultures since the dawn of jewellery making, but push presents are about focusing on rewarding and celebrating the mother rather than the child.
When a newborn arrives, the mother is often sidelined as endless gifts of cuddly toys and babygrows arrive hand-in-hand with friends and relations desperate for that first cuddle.
It is an emotional and anxious time for new mothers and with attention suddenly diverted, a gift from a partner to show appreciation for what the mother has been through can help to make her feel she is as appreciated and loved as her newborn.
So if you are looking for a traditional diamond eternity ring, or a piece of jewellery symbolising the babies sex, birth month or name, here are some ideas for mums to be.